Healing Stream Institute

Healing Stream Institute

Healing Stream Institute is committed to researching, developing and delivering therapeutic content for sound healing applications.


Our content is designed and engineered to promote healing of the mind and body.

We utilize a combination of pure tones based on Schumann, Solfeggio and Fibonacci series frequencies. The tones are arranged and sequenced to target specific healing goals.

The healing tones are combined with calming nature sounds to facilitate relaxation and improve receptivity.


We deliver personalized sound healing sessions directly to your mobile device or computer.

Each session is tailored to your specific goal(s) and curated by Somatic Healer Simon Morrison.

To provide the optimal healing experience we deliver full frequency range, high resolution audio streams. Streams can be played from a web browser or mobile player software. 


We use advanced audio engineering techniques to optimize the delivery and assimilation of specific healing tones. All tones fall within the audible spectrum (20 Hz - 20 kHz).

We use broadcast technology optimized for delivering high resolution, pristine quality audio.

We manage the entire process from content design, creation and delivery, to present the optimal healing experience.


 • A reliable internet connection

 • A mobile device (phone, iPad) or computer

 • Headphones, AirPods or high quality speakers

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